Responsive Web Design

Your customers are mobile ready! Are you?

• 88% of Singaporeans owning a smart device

• 69% and more of all internet users surfing content on a mobile device


Just because a website can be viewed on a mobile device doesn't mean it is mobile optimised! Have you experienced pinching in frustration on your small mobile screens as you search for the information you need on traditional websites? Every additional action needed can drive your customers away – straight to your competitors.

That is why more & more businesses have made the change to leap-frog over their existing competition by having a RESPONSIVE Website.



What exactly is a Responsive Website?

A Responsive Website is essentially a 'one-size-fits-all' solution that will allow for the optimal browsing experience across all platforms. It gives an intuitive user experience, no matter what device they are on. It presents, automatically, a familiar app-like environment which provides a more pleasurable and efficient info-seeking surf.

Responsive Website is now a must to stay competitive!



Why the switch?

1 Responsive Website instantly gives you 3 platforms on desktop, tablet and mobile. This means exponential exposure and more client growth!

With a Responsive Website, your site will be the smooth, fast, optimal experience for any user, from desktops down to smart-phones.


But wait! The benefits don't stop there!


Google recommends it:


• Google recognises Responsive Web Design as an industry best practice

• Google reminds that two-thirds of people likely buy from a mobile device optimised site

• Google prioritises user experience as a search ranking factor

• Google easily organises and indexes content of Responsive Websites for their search.


More Benefits include:


• Information delivered to your consumers at every step

• Saves time and resources by managing only one site

• Simplifies internet marketing and allows for easy management of SEO campaigns

• Fundamental first step for all future mobile marketing

• Allows your web visitor in all possible ways to contact or visit you



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